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I drive ROI for tech companies using cutting-edge B2B marketing
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    Breaking Bottlenecks and Boosting Your Business Growth

    Use this Growth Blueprint and see possible next steps to grow your company
    Use this Growth Blueprint and see possible next steps to grow your company

    See the Growth Blueprint as a flowchart graphic, bookmark it and get back to it whenever you need. Go.

    A Reliable Partner with the Marketing Assets That Match Your Growth Needs

    With the big picture in mind, all services are executed with accuracy and experience

    Customer Insights

    • Finding and analyzing your target audience
    • Shaping your messaging so you will be understood
    • Building a high conversion website
    • Testing new use cases for their potentials

    Demand Generation

    • Creating content that’s impactful, together with your team
    • Driving visitors to your website
    • Setting up a marketing funnel that works
    • Turning website visitors into leads and clients

    Growth Frameworks

    • Automating your marketing with Pardot, Hubspot or Marketo
    • Establishing a real growth hacking framework
    • Scaling your outbound email efforts
    • Making sure your marketing is GDPR aligned

    About Me

    After spending some time working for a German car manufacturer abroad, I realized I would never learn how to build a company while working inside such a big enterprise. The decision was made – I had to go to Silicon Valley to learn about startups. I was fortunate enough to join a B2B technology company as their first marketing hire.

    That meant I suddenly became responsible for building out the marketing department in a very competitive environment, as fast as possible. I worked day and night to master the marketing discipline and to learn more about startups.

    Fast forward 3 years later, I’ve touched and worked on nearly everything in the field of digital marketing. The company I was leading marketing for, got named the fastest growing German big data company. At that time, I also met dozens of CEOs in Silicon Valley and learned from their successes and struggles in growing their businesses.

    Now I want to use these experiences to help B2B tech companies maximize their growth.

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